L O A D I N G . . .


This is an interactive music video for the song "Animals" by the glaswegian band Felix Champion. A group project where I was in charge of coding the interactive elements and make a website for it.

The story is shown through two videos, one following the male point of view, the other following the female point of view. Both characters are doing opposite actions in their respective videos to show their differences. However, towards the end, both videos merge as they meet each other, ending the video on a positive message: two people, no matter their differences can still find each other.

The interactive element involves the viewer switching between both videos. This gives the viewer the choice of which video to watch and the possibilty of switching between both points of view. I also added a filter feature that the viewer can play with. These interactive elements allow the user to effortlessly create a personal and unique viewing experience.

The five of us worked tremendously well together, all working effeciently on our respective tasks while still participating in others. Communication, rigorous planning and collaboration were key to our success