L O A D I N G . . .

Its me!
A young designer with a passion for everything digital



Born of both French and English parents, and having grown up in countries from three different continents, I have learned to adapt to various situations and cultures. Paired with a never ending passion for everything digital, I make an ever evolving and fast learning multidisciplinary designer who isn't scared of a challenge.

At 16 years of age, I applied for a two week long internship at RMP Advertising in Paris. I was mentored in the ways of website design and development and introduced to the printing process and how to design for it. It was after this amazing experience I knew I would dedicate my future to a similar career path.

Two years later, I went forth to study Interactive Media Design at Edinburgh Napier University. A decision which proved to be what was best for me as it consolidated skills I'd self taught for years, such as graphic design. I have also learned so many new skillsets the likes of animation, 3d modelling, video editing and various programming languages.

I believe these skillsets, my multicultural background and my love for the medium allow me to present businesses and ideologies in an innovative and memorable way.

Arthur Williams